Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vacation.... and another month flew by already =/

uggghhhhh  I'm such a proctastinator!!!!!!!! =/ but without further ado........

So I was on vacation for almost two weeks and we drove from Wisconsin to Biloxi Mississippi which is on the gulf. We stayed with friends there a few days and then drove over to Orlando Florida where my grandparents live. We stayed with them for 6 days and then drove to Greenville South Carolina which is where my moms side of the family lives. (She was still there because of her dad having the stroke back in November.)
We had so much fun and it was great to get away from the cold Wisconsin weather although this year it hasn't been to bad. While in Orlando we went to the beach a few days and we also spent time at Universal Orlando mostly because we wanted to see the Harry Potter world that was just built a year ago.
** interesting fact is that my uncle helped build the Harry Potter castle =D
Here are some pictures from the Biloxi  trip-->

*** I actually wrote all this ^^^^^ on Jan 31st.... not kidding on the procrastinating stuff lol*****

I have so many more from the Florida trip I will share later! I have been procrastinating on blogging because I wanted my pictures up when I posted but we all know how life gets in the way and with full time school and working and unfortunate events life takes the lead. 

So a little update I currently weigh 320.2 which equals to losing 73.2 pounds lost so far in this journey. It's been a year since I started the program, 4 months since surgery and I am so happy with what I have done so far. I know that if I actually worked out like I should have been and eating and logging to perfection I could be a super skinny mini me by now lol but life happens and we move on with what we've been given.....

I have tons more to share so I will be back as soon as I can =D  Hope you all are doing well!!!! 
Alright well off to school I go!!!