Monday, March 26, 2012


So I been really lax lately about everything including  my band =/  I've always been a procrastinator but had an awakening moment and was like " If you went through all of this trouble to change your life for the better, why are you not using this tool to the best of your ability?"  I went on vacation in January and wasn't tracking 100% during driving times and was snacking continuously most of the time. Because of this I chose not to have a fill because I wasn't really sure if I needed one or not. I got back into life and forgot to make an appointment and then BAM they were full until April so here we are waiting... and waiting... and instead of seeing this as an opportunity to give my all I've been procrastinating ..... 

I don't have enough structure in my life so my goal today is to set up everyday this week and schedule everything time accordingly. As I mentioned I'm pretty lax about everything all the time and I know that is part of what contributed to my lifestyle before my band. I'm very outgoing but usually it's last minute spur of the moment- go with flow everyday living and I still want to be like that but I think that instituting more structure and balance into my life will help me be much more successful in this journey I have started. 

I'm currently at the weight of 319.6 which is a total weight loss of ** side note I went looking for my original weight because I couldn't remember the decimal number and I found my measurement tracker I had created back in September. I thought it would be fun to take my measurements now to see how many inches I had lost as a little motivation booster and  OMG I didn't realize I had lost so many inches already!!! It really is true.. don't always count on the scale number also look at your inches because our bodies do amazing things and you can find changes in places you didn't expect/ notice before =D

any who----> 

  •  Starting weight at beginning of program(Feb 2011): 393.4 lbs
  • Surgery day weight 354.2 lbs
  • Today's weight: 319.6
  • Size Shirts: 2XL
  • Size pants:28
 so a total of 73.8 pounds lost since I started program and 34.6 pounds lost since surgery =)
 My original post for this is here

and here is my updated measurement chart:

** my first measurement chart is here 

Measurement Tracker March 26th 2012     
Neck  16 inches
Chest 50.5 inches
Waist  56.5 inches
Hips 59.5 inches

Left  Right 
Biceps 18 inches 18 inches
Forearm 12.5 inches 12.5 inches
Thigh 30.5 inches 30.5 inches
Calf  19 inches 19 inches

If you compare them I have lost so much!! My biggest area of loss for inches was in my hips- lost 6.5 inches so far and my waist- lost 7.5 inches so far!!!!! 

If anyone else has fallen off track or isn't following plan like you want... here is to you and I putting pieces back together correctly to get to where we want to be!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

oh yeahhh and new pictures!!!!!

Here are my updated pictures =D I have lost most of my weight around my stomach.. so my " front butt" is still larger than life =/ but better to lose it all there than no where lol 

these are from my Florida trip in January 2012                        these are from February 2012 


Happy March!!

Hey all!!! I've been super busy with school and work... my roommate  got into a really bad car accident where the other driver didn't make it so I was pretty occupied with that =/ But it's March now which means nicer weather is here and hopefully staying =D 

I believe I mentioned a while back about buying my mom a cake decorating class for us to do together but unfortunately she is still in South Carolina dealing with her dad and family. Because she is still there I asked my friend Sara to participate with me because I rarely get to see her either... probably the best decision ever!!! We always have so much fun together and this class is definitely right up there on the list of ridiculous amazing times together =D 
Here is a picture of our cakes from last week:

mine is the chocolate and teal one! This week we are learning how to fill cupcakes and then decorate them as well... pictures to follow =)

My weight has been at a stall... I need a fill and had an appointment but the surgeon had to reschedule and the next opening was April 4th =( So I'm a bit bummed because I keep teetering around the same weight instead of losing BUT it is also better than gaining.

Hope you all have a good start to the week! talk at you soon <3

With Love,