Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh Happy Day

So I woke up this morning and grabbed my jeans from the dreaded dryer... I hate when they're fresh from the dryer and you have to do that squat roll over partial dance bend to stretch them out just to kind of feel comfortable. Well today TA DA NO stretching what so ever!!! I was so excited I was smiling from ear to ear and did a super happy dance!!!!!!!!

It has been so long since I can remember putting a piece of clothing on and not wanting to stretch it so I don't feel like a stuffed sausage!

Tomorrow I go for my last pre-surgical group meeting where we do success habit training and they give you tips and tricks on making smarter healthier choices. During the meeting they pull you out as a one on one basis and get your weight and you talk to the doctor to make sure your "to do" surgical list is on track. I know my "to do" is done since surgery is 9 days!!!!  HOLY SCHMOLY!!! I'm in the single digit countdown!!!!  =D Any who they want me to attend this last one even though insurance has gone through just so they can't pull anything at the last moment saying that I didn't complete all necessary requirements... blah blah blah dang insurance

I probably should have done this before starting my pre-surgical shakes and bars diet but ahhh what the hey here it is now---> 

Starting weight: 393.4
Last weight at Dr. office: 368.7

Weight as of this morning: 366.4
Measurement Tracker September 27th 2011
Neck  17 inches 
Chest 54 inches
Waist  64 inches
Hips 66 inches

Left  Right 
Biceps 19 inches 19 inches 
Forearm 13 inches 13 inches 
Thigh 33 inches  33 inches
Calf  20.5 inches  20.5 inches 

 Not that any of these numbers matter to you but down the road it will be nice for me to compare too and for you guys to see my progress =D

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