Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welp here's the truth folks.........

I weighed in a moment ago and TUHHH DAAAAA 348.2!!!!! HOLY POOP i'm under 350!!!!!! Let me tell you how excited I am... danced A LOT =) and called my mom and roommate with a big smile on my face this --> =D....

So here are my before pictures and info:

  • Starting weight at beginning of program(Feb 2011): 393.4 lbs
  • Surgery day weight 354.2 lbs
  • Size Shirts: 3XL
  • Size pants: 32
  • I posted an earlier blog with my measurements

I'm very excited to have come so far already and I feel bad but had a slip up last night. I promised myself that I wouldn't cheat because I want this to work to the best of my ability and the bands ability... and then the head hunger made a drive by =( Let me be the 1st to say it was not pretty! I was aware of the situation arising but only being on clear liquids (5 days post-op)  I certainty did NOT follow that rule for 10 minutes of eating HELL  I manged to eat ranch dip and then a piece of cheese with a tiny piece of  turkey lunch meat... and then the horrible bread kept staring at me with it's evil eyes and I gave in to a piece..of course with ranch on top....knowing I would suffer later.... I haven't been able to eat yet today (6pm currently)and have only consumed water so far =/ I've been SO uncomfortable I definitely learned my lesson!!!!!!

On a plus note like I started with,  I weigh 348.2 WOOT WOOT!!!! Officially a 45.2 lbs loss =D

 These were taken the morning of surgery......



I decided to also take more time off from work so I'm gonna have the next 10 days to recuperate and enjoy not having a busy schedule!!!

ALSO I went on a wonderful walk with a best friend today and it was amazing!!! Thanks to her I have already reached 12171 steps and that's amazing considering I only did just over 5000 yesterday... LOVES YOU  <3


  1. SO MANY STEPS! I love you and I'm so proud <3

  2. Great job on the loss ... love it when you hit those milestones. And, yes, keep moving during recovery ... it just makes getting back to real life that much easier .. keep it up !

  3. Don't sweat the slip. Happens to all of us. The point is to get back on track. Sounds like you're doing great.