Friday, October 14, 2011

One week Banded!!!!

Dear liquid diet I am beginning to dislike you! I am officially one week out and all is well ..... well minus this =(
I normally have really dry skin so I thought it was just because of the tape they had used to keep my breathing tube in during surgery and some lotion would help it go away. Boy was I wrong! It's horribly dry and itchy and burned when I was putting lotion on it and I was putting lotion on literally 10 times a day but nothing was helping.... I tried this thick cream my mother gave me a while back and the only thing that did was make me look like I was shaving "my beard" LOL

So my surgeons nurse called to check up and make sure everything was going well and I mentioned the situation and she said it's most likely an allergic reaction to latex...... BOO =(    I went to the store and bought some generic Vaseline and it seems to be working so far so hopefully it will clear up soon cause let me tell you walking around with a shiny face is not ideal                                                        
 Although.... my roommate gets a kick out of it and laughs every time she looks at me =) so that's always fun =)

So I've been tracking like nobody's business which was one way I was so successful pre-op but I must have lost some brain cells during surgery lol cause I had the hardest time figuring stuff out yesterday... I had a can of tomato soup over an hour and I looked at the info. Since I had split it into two separate times that I drank I was like okay so the can says 90 calories and 2 grams of protein so that's what I wrote for the total. Today I looked at my book and was like WTF CHERYL!!!!! hahhahha ohhh geezus! that's per serving and welcome to America folks but rarely is there one serving in anything anymore. sooo when I recalculated my totals I was like ohhh yeahhh that is much better =D Silly me =P


hello pretty leaves a fallin and sweat shirt and jeans weather!!!! oh how I love thee <3 There are so many wonderful things about fall time but I love the fact that the wonderful weather always puts me in a good mood and watching the leaves change is just beautiful =)
Just a few things I love:
  • as stated before sweat shirt and jeans
  • all kinds of colors 
  • soups/stews 
  • bonfires
  • fuzzy slippers 
  • hayrides and pumpkins and HALLOWEE
  • and many more!!!! 
they haven't really changed but here are my scars one week post op


 My baby slept with me after surgery =) she makes my heart smile <3

alright time to go drink my broccoli & cheese soup and watch my Brewers play =)


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