Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alive & Kicking =D

Hey friends I made it!!!! Today is officially 4 days post-op and I am doing FABULOUS!!!! Had some horrible gas pains until yesterday. I am surprised that I haven't had any shoulder pain either.. but hey I will take it!! LOL...... OHHH BOY am I excited for the mushy stage already!! It was sooooooo nice to be able to have "real food" again even if it's just soup =) I have some wonderful pictures of me in the hospital...I got there at 7:40 and checked in. Didn't wait more than 5 minutes and they were taking me back to get me hooked up and ready. The nurses were really nice and I didn't

**runs away cause my soup was boiling over =0

have any nerves just tons of excitement. I'm going to school for Surgical Technologist and as they wheeled me in the OR the anesthesiologist tech was so excited for me he kept telling everyone so then the surgical tech there for me was like "oh really? we have a position open 7-5 no holiday's it's perfect!" and the doctors were like yea you should!!!. I was like well I live in Milwaukee (surgery was in Madison- 1.5 hours away) and they were like ohh well do you plan on moving back- with grins on their faces- and I was like well depends on the job market when I finish my degree =D
It made me laugh cause I was like uhh hey guys I'm here for surgery not a job interview but it's good to know that they liked my personality and maybe when school is done I will apply there =)

I was able to leave by 3 but was a bit nauseated from trying to walk too fast and  taking a big gulp of ice cold water... learned my lesson!!!!!  so I left at 4. All in all not a horrible day.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment------>

< -----right after checking in 

               excited for surgery ----->

 <------ still excited for surgery =D

me and my mama <3
^ sleepy head after surgery 

I also will show you my incisions.....
This was the day after surgery
not to shabby if I say so myself =)

I want to post my "before" pictures but will wait until next time so you're not all pictured out!!! =)

Hope everyone's day is going well so far!!!!!! 

*** oh and they let me keep my earring in =) and current weight 351.1 =D (in February started at 393.4 so I've officially lost 42.3 lbs!!!!)


  1. So glad that you're doing well and that's a huge pre-op weight loss !! Take it easy ... concentrate on healing and you'll be great !