Thursday, October 27, 2011

sad day =(

So last night I was out to dinner with my roomie for her work gathering and I got a phone call from my mother. She told me that my puppy Rylee had been hit by a car. Living 2 hours away I couldn't just pick up and leave. However she IS fine and VERY lucky to be alive. My parents live in the country and people like to drive 60+ miles an hour but this particular lady wasn't ** thank God** so she just had scrapes and bumps. She stayed at the vet office overnight so they could keep an eye on her and she is home now. All is well and that dang pup will be on a leash from now on!!!

I have already gotten lots of compliments on my coat =) and thank you to those who commented on here <3

I had my 1st check up with the surgeon and all is well. I got the ok to start exercising again(more than just walking) so I'm very excited for that.

On a sad note I think I'm going to drop my classes =( I'm part time now going for surgical tech but with the pre surgery appointments and surgery itself and just moving to a new city I was working lots to pay the bills and my classes have suffered. It's really stressing me out because I've paid for the classes already and wont get any refund at this point but I don't want to see a D or F as a grade when I know I can achieve so much more.

I also learned from the surgeon that when I venture back to him November 14th I will be getting a fill =D I'm really excited to be able to work this tool to the best of it's ability so that day can not come fast enough!!!

I've been trying to find an outfit that I love enough to buy in a smaller size as motivation for me to work my butt off ..literally =) I want to hang it up in my room to remind me of where I'm going in this journey and how good I will look =D no luck yet on finding one =/ BUT I have not given up.... I will keep searching. Has anyone else done this???

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  1. I have a shirt that I bought that I can't wait to wear but would love to find a whole outfit or something like a dress.