Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ohhh my 3 days and naughty roomates!!

Hey friends!!! It's Tuesday... which means in 3 days I will be banded!!!! I can not tell you how excited I am for this new chapter in my life to start =D 

So last night I got a text from my roommate saying she was making cupcakes and wanted to know if I wanted to help. If you knew anything about her you would know she DOES NOT cook or bake to save her life ( which I'm trying to help change) so when I saw that I was like heck yes I wanna help!!!! I mean "she made them" for her work so it's not like they were sitting around the house to torment me so I thank her and they were Halloween ones so how could I say no =) 
 I will say I came across a few instances where I wanted to lick my fingers because loving to bake and cook it's the norm to "taste" and/or "clean" off the mess! But I was so proud I caught myself almost doing it only twice (to my surprise)  and I washed them off with water so crisis averted!!!!!  I really enjoy that this lap-band journey has helped me put things into perspective and been able to help me actually stick to it. I'm still on my pre-op diet of shakes and bars so temptations are around but none that I have indulged in or want to for that matter =D I'm so ready to change and seeing these little steps reminds me that change for the better is in my near future AND is attainable unlike all of these other attempts in my past...... 

*** In all fairness she did put the cupcake liners in the pan and put the sprinkles on top-- baby steps people =) ****

My appetite has been lacking the past few days and not because I'm nervous about surgery or stressed I just haven't been thinking about food so much as what my life will be like after surgery.... I feel kind of bad because I'm not meeting my calorie goals- I'm supposed to have 7 shakes and 2 bars a day to equal 1020 calories but I've managed only 3 shakes and 1 bar the past two days =/ I've been drinking a lot of water but only having 460 calories isn't ideal. I guess it's kind of helpful because  I shouldn't expect a whole lot of calories the first few days of surgery so I guess I'm just starting a bit early =D 

                      delicious looking cupcakes ---->


3 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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