Thursday, October 6, 2011

7 hours people!!!!!

So the time has come to get cut..hahha but for reals I'm very excited!! I have to check in at 7:45am in Madison WI. I currently live in Milwaukee WI so that means about an hour and a half drive for me to not be able to drink anything and to be thinking about the surgery =Z  Makes me nervous!! 

  • No food or liquids after midnight... CHECK
  • Bag for hospital packed: CHECK
  • Medications I am currently taking packed: CHECK
  • House stocked with clear liquids for after surgery: CHECK
  • Sister and puppy coming back home with me for help and support: CHECK =)
  • Ready for the biggest decision I have ever made in my life...uhhhhhh about that =Z 

So I've been doing this process for over 8 months and I know it's right for me but everyone gets the pre-surgery nerves-a-racking thing... I have had surgery before so I know what to expect but this is a whole lot different than walking on crutches for a few months until my knee is better.. this is life changing... but for the better =D
 That's my girl!!!! Her name is Rylee or as I call her toot toot and I love her to death <3 She is a bit bigger now but being a rat terrier she wont weigh more than 15 lbs total


I bought a few things the other day to add to my "after surgery collection" Working at Target as you know can be hazardous lol but I saw they had dollar spot toddler silverware which I was planning on buying but getting them for a dollar (for one pair) is definitely a WIN!!! had a lot of people recommend it and I had my doctor recommend getting toddler silverware because it's the right portion size for your stomach after they are fun designs so I thought what they hey might as well!

  I bought waterproof band-aids to cover my incisions with so they don't get irritated and................................
 I also purchased some liquid Tylenol- also highly recommended by peeps already banded =)
Almost everyone is very helpful there and they have so much knowledge to give I just love it and I am so thankful!!!!!!!!!    I also got thermacare heat pads to help with shoulder pain...............................
 propel packets to mix with water so I can change up the flavor every once in a while.........................................

a thermometer to make sure I'm not running a fever after surgery during the recovery period..............................................

and of course TREATS AND A TOY for my baby!!!!!!! I have a feeling she will love them =D

I am taking my camera with me to the hospital to record things for you guys and for myself so In a few hours I will do my "before" pictures before leaving the house and I will post them when I can. 

The nurses said no jewelry which I am not excited for since I have my tongue, lip, and 3 ear piercings( conch, cartilage, and anti-tragus) I'm not concerned about most them closing since I've had them a while but I just got my anti-tragus and it's been doing a I don't want to heal-get infected- pretend to be good- only to be infected again cycle and with my hectic schedule I didn't have time to get a retainer/clear non-metal piece to fit in it so it doesn't close.... I'm hoping that if I take everything else out they will let me keep that one since it's small and the piercer actually clamped the ball on so I would have to use pliers to get it off.... we will see I guess =0

alrighty tighty peeps... off to take my pre-surgical shower and catch a few Z's before I get up at 5:30am to head out for surgery!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!


  1. You've probably already had your surgery by the time I write this, but I'm sending you retroactive good vibes. Love your pooch -- I love rat terriers. We have a chihuahua. Best to you!

  2. I hope you're home and resting. My advice: sip water, walk 300 steps, rest rest rest. Sip, sip, sip, 400 steps. Rest, rest, rest. Repeat and so on ... you'll be great ... the best is yet to come !

  3. I wasn't walking enough and boy could I tell!!! I keep adding more and more and it's really helping. I have a bodybugg which has been my life saver during this whole process =)

    Thanks Julia for the kind words =D doing much better already!!!!