Sunday, October 16, 2011


So I decided every week I'm going to start setting small goals. This week is getting at least 10,000 steps or more EVERY day. I'm considering my weeks from Monday to Sunday but I was able to reach 8869 steps today =) They say that approximately 2000 steps is equal to one mile so I better lace up and get moving =D

My roommate and I went to Gurnee Mills in Illinois to go shopping but I was thoroughly disappointed in the clothing selections there =/  I did however get some sweet walking time in so all was not a loss! We came back to Milwaukee and went to our mall here (Mayfair) and I was able to find some things... no clothing yet =/ I found this really cute bustier at Torrid (like Layne Bryant but aimed towards a younger crowd) I wanted to buy it SO bad because I have never had anything "sexy" but I have no one to show it off too and in reality I will be continuing to lose weight so I wouldn't get to enjoy it long enough.... although I WILL get one eventually =)

I had my first restaurant encounter as a bandster today =0 I was very nervous but knew they had soups so we chose Rain Forest Cafe and I had their tomato basil soup and OMG!!!! it was sooooooo delicious! I wasn't able to eat it all and it came with a triangle slice of bread that was AMAZING! Of course since I'm still supposed to be following my liquid diet I only had 3 tiny little bites of the bread =) I couldn't help myself 
        We had a nice chat and It was so crazy to compare how I normally  used to eat to how I eat now. We would have had an appitizer with our drinks and then continued to stuff down a HUGE plate of food until we felt like bursting.... Quite the change and making it a reality is still struggling with the psychological part... I saw it sitting there and I just wanted to finish everything because that's how I always used to eat every meal. 

I'm excited to see these positive changes and how my life is moving in the right direction =D 

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