Thursday, November 3, 2011


I went to my parents tonight to celebrate my older sisters birthday that was on 11-1-11 =) I decided to bring her( my puppy Rylee) back with me for the week =D she is currently sighing at me because I keep taking pictures while she is trying to sleep but it's her fault because she is just so dang CUTE!!!!!! ( see the scratches on her forehead from the car hitting her.. she is one lucky dog!!!!)

I painted my nails a new color since the weather has been icky outside.. did I mention it snowed tonight!!!!! It's wayyyy too early for snow =/ It didn't stick but the flakes were pretty hefty for a while. I LOVE SPARKLES =D

I also just signed up for eharmony because I've always been too afraid to get too close to anyone emotionally to have a relationship so my new goal is to get out there and be me so that I can have someone to be with who likes me for me and not because I look good.. well will eventually =). AND immediately this song pops in my head --->

I'm totally a sucker for some sweet 90's music <3

It's mostly just hit me because my close friends just got married in September and now 3 of my other close friends are having babies.. one of them is hopefully popping one out this weekend LOL... pictures to follow =)
But everyone is "growing up" and moving on to new parts of their lives and I want that too.... 

On the weight loss front nothing new.. officially made it to 50lbs lost (since February when I started the program)  =) ... and 1st fill is in 11 days-- WOOT!!!


  1. Who says global warming is a thing? It's snowing in the first week of November. #justsayin

    Also, great job on the loss! And good luck with your fill. :)

  2. Greatjob on your loss!! I love me some 90s music too!

  3. ummm hey, I am a close friend and I am not getting married nore do I have a bun in the oven.

    Just saying