Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sweets and Happiness

Every gosh dang time I eat sweets... of course the not good for you kind.. ahmmm oreo's and ice cream I'm talking bout you!  =( I ALWAYS end up feeling like crapola ...I wake up in the middle of the night because my stomach hurts SO bad and I feel uncomfortable in my stomach region the next day.  I'm just gonna stick to my sugar free Popsicles from now on... they love me =) Besides I shouldn't be eating those delicious naughty naughty things anyways.... 

Which brings me to say that I'm struggling with eating again =( I noticed I have been eating when I'm bored so I'm trying to find something to do... maybe a good Wii game or two to play to get my blood pumping and most importantly my mind off food =) Hopefully this will change since I go tomorrow for my first fill.... hopefully it will do it's job so I actually have some restriction instead of this grand canyon sized stomach that screams FEED ME every two hours and allows me to drink a WHOLE glass of water.... =0 

On a plus note I have decided that I want to take a Zumba class again =D I took a class that was offered through a hospital when I lived in Madison back before Zumba became this amazing craze and I LOVED every second of it!!!!!! So since it made me so happy then, I decided I was going to find some place here that offered them as well. My only issue is that most places that offer it around Milwaukee are Gyms you have to have a membership to and since I already have one for anytime fitness I don't exactly want to spend money for another membership to just get classes. BUT problem solved because when I lived in Madison they had a dance studio that I always wanted to go to that was walk in basis... I never actually went because my confidence was lacking.... so that gave me the idea to look for one here in Milwaukee and voil√† I found one!!!!! Plus double win for me because I also love Turbo Jam!!!! It's a kickboxing workout with dancey moves so it doesn't feel like you're working out.. at least for me =) When I did weight watchers 6 years ago turbo Jam helped me lose 50 lbs obviously along with eating better, but it was my only exercise regime. 
Any who this place that has walk in Zumba also has Turbo Kick (live version of turbo jam) OH EM GEE!!!!!!!!! how excited am I???? TIMES A BILLION =D  So needless to say  I'm going to buy a punch card which will be an early Christmas present to myself =) 
Nothing like being Happy and Healthy!!!!!!! 


  1. Glad you found something that works for you :)

  2. Hope your fill went well. Until about my 3rd or 4th (I forget how many I've had), the restriction would last only a few weeks. But once you get it right, Bazinga!