Thursday, November 17, 2011

weigh in Wednesday... a bit late

So yesterday was weigh in day and I was 341.9 =D that means down 1.5 lbs from last week!!!!! 

I had my first fill on Monday and so far so good. The fill itself wasn't bad at all..... took maybe 20 minutes but only 5 was actually for needles and fluid the rest was prep time for the surgeon.
I am feeling restriction again so hopefully it lasts until I go back in December. 

Thanksgiving is almost here and that makes me nervous because like most families we gather and eat.. and eat...and eat! But that's not the plan for me this year =) It makes me nervous because I want to be able to eat but I'm not sure how every food dish is made so I can't calculate calories to the best of my ability. I was thinking of taking lighter, friendlier dishes that others could eat as well but haven't really looked into it. Any suggestions??


  1. Keep up the great work!! I go into get my 3rd fill on Tuesday. I'm not to worried about Thanksgiving because we aren't having one this year. Just my brother, dad & I will go eat chinese. It's just mind over matter. Once you get more fill somedays I actually forget to eat.

  2. I so scared and nervous about getting my first fill. It is scheduled for Dec 8 and although I am scared, I am excited! I am glad to hear yours went well!!

  3. this is my theroy on T-day: my stomach can only hold so much food. I better make it all count !

  4. you can make baked apple chips, good and a healthy snack. I am making a low fat corn dish, but im sure if you just googled low calorie thanksgiving nomz you will find something fancy.

    tell Don hi for me on thanksgiving