Monday, November 21, 2011

Not so Manic Monday

My day is pretty uneventful... I started volunteering at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission here in Milwaukee. They are A LOT different than a humane society which is mostly happy endings for all the animals that come through. Since it is domestic control they do a lot of euthanising  =( I however believe that even though their life may come to an end because of someone else's poor decision making habits or because of something out of their control, they should get the best life they can while on this earth. Anywhooooo I start my training tonight =) I mainly want to walk the dogs because they are cooped up all day in cages and this way they get exercise and so do I!!!!! They have you complete 8 hours of training and cleaning before you can move onto the next level which is walking dogs. I love that unlike most places where you volunteer, you sign up for slots to help out. Here they say come whenever and stay as long as you can, even if it's just for a lunch break. Anything is helpful. And it truly is. It's really cool that they also allow volunteers to assist with spaying and neutering like setting up tools for the surgery and prepping the area and also helping with the animals after surgery, such as waiting with the animal while they are coming out of anesthesia. I am becoming a surgical technician so this is basically my job but for animals so I'm very excited!!!!
** they have partnerships with other humane societies that come through and take animals to get adopted out as well so it's not always a final resting place. They also house lost animals so owners may find them. If not claimed with in a time frame they also will get adopted out if eligible***

I signed my mom and I up for cake decorating classes as a Christmas present =) She's been wanting to take a class FOREVER and I figured since Christmas was so close and I don't get to see her very often, that I would drive up to her once a week (it's a 4 week class) so we could do something we both love and spend time together doing it.  I hope she loves it. I plan on taking all 3 classes so it should be a lot of fun I and I will definitely take pictures so you all can see my (hopefully) sweet skills !!!!

No luck on finding recipes for Turkey Day. I figure to stay safe and get my protein in I will drink shakes as my other meals and I will bring along some unflavored protein powder that I bought from GNC and add it to anything I can. I am also going to make a healthier pumpkin pudding so I will let you all know how that turns out.

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  1. Fun ! I took cake decorating classes years ago and loved it. Should probably take them again :) What a great gift !