Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

That's exactly what it is. Working today blows!! Make that every day I work LOL Although I did have Friday and Saturday off so I can't complain too much =) 

I found this and thought it fit perfectly!!!!

School started August 24th. Did I ever mention I'm going for Surgical Technician??? I am very excited to finish my degree and get on with my life WITH OUT schooling!!! I've been in school for what seems like forever (6 years!!!) because I can't make up my mind lol... so as you can imagine I am ready for a "big girl" job =) I have 3 semesters left. This semester I am taking microbiology as the last class I need before petitioning for the core/clinical classes. Then the next two semesters will be the core classes.

So it was my mothers birthday yesterday and of course we celebrated with food. I realized that this is no longer a fun thing for me. Not because I can't stuff my face into oblivion, but because food is no longer a comfort so I would rather be doing something physical to celebrate like bowling or watching a movie or scrap booking or even just going for a walk together. My family and I went to dinner ( Dad, Mom, Older sister and her boyfriend, younger sister, my dad's sister and me) We have always done a steak place close to our home and everyone orders prime rib except me. I've never been a lover of steak or anything with a bone still attached or if it looks like it is still Mooing. We went out Saturday night since I picked up a shift at work last night and had to be back to Milwaukee. Any who I stuck with the salad bar and I sat there eating and watching everyone stuff their faces so fast. It's crazy to me that that is what I also looked like at one time (many times to be exact) The "Fun" didn't stop there. Every year for Labor day we go to my aunt and uncles house for an extended family gathering FILLED with food. Yet another day in which I was unsatisfied with the "Festivities" It was really nice to hang with family I don't see very often but the focus has always been around food. It's obviously an easy way to get everyone together since as humans we need to eat and be social but we have strayed away from healthy foods.  It's just crazy to me how far I have come since the beginning of this journey, mentally and physically and I can honestly say I am proud of my changes!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!

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