Monday, October 15, 2012

1 year Bandiversary

So it's a bit late but I have officially made it one year with my band! Unfortunately my uncle passed away on October 7th, my official bandiversary, so here are the updated pictures finally!!!

                                                                                                          October 13th 2012
Surgery day October 7th 2011  

Isn't it amazing how one year can change someones life? To be honest I haven't done any regular exercising beyond my running around at work and the occasional walking the dog (she snuck in my updated pic lol). To any newbies or oldies (reference to length of band not age lol) who may be reading----- if it only took me one year to lose 100lbs and make the change I did with minimal exercise then imagine what results one could obtain by adding regular exercise into their routine from the beginning!!!!!

I've been kind of down lately thinking and saying to myself that I look fat when I pass the mirror and how this plateau will not go away... but I have to remember to take a moment and look at physical pictures and see how far I have come and think of new ways to change it up. I've answered my own question by writing but since I haven't added continual exercise into my program yet.. guess what I will be doing =) 
To be honest I have been craving exercise lately.... I want to run and be active so maybe my body knows best =)

Okies back to studying I go!!! See you all soon!

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